King’s Canyon and Introducing: The Beast

The bad news? I’m going to miss ballet class tomorrow. Uuuuugh!!

The good news? The Beast is taking me to King’s Canyon tomorrow for three glorious nights in a secluded cabin for two. We’ve been together for 6 years Friday and even though we’ve had some mildly bumpy times, we are just as in love with each other as the very second we met.
A little background on The Beast. I name him so because he is about 6’3″, over a foot taller than me! He’s got long legs and arms and is just hairy enough, HAA!! Y’know what I mean? No back or un-sexy fur. He’s always breaking and knocking things over with his Beasti-ness. He loves camping, hiking and fishing as much as I do and has taken me to my first, second and third trips to Hawaii. He is a truly good guy and I’m lucky that he loves me.
Whew! This turned into a sappy post! My bad. Anyways, that’s my man and we’ll be back Sunday. I hope I have some sort of reception so I can post some surely beautiful pictures of the most awesome sequoias and streams and junk.

And I will absolutely be dancing in the woods. Using a branch as a barre and so on. ;D


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