I inhaled.

On our getaway this past weekend, I was able to do more intense hiking. I hike/walked 30 stories down AND up and didn’t die! I also forgot my inhaler which I hadn’t even experimented with yet. When we DID do more hiking and I DID bring my inhaler, it actually helped quite a bit. I KNEW it wasn’t because I was out of shape and fat!! It was a medical issue! I’m excited since it’s something I can work with instead of what I used to think which was just I can’t and give up.

NEVER!! Since when am I a quitter? I fight through everything, HAA! I guess that has it’s good and bad points. I can’t help it, I’m Spicy.

Like yesterday I’m still very worried about class. I searched for other classes and there are SOME around my city. I’d be willing to travel especially on my weekday off. I should visit them anyways since I need more days during the week. I may sit in on one this Monday. It’s called Adage Dance Center in Pomona, so it’s a bit of a drive and it would be at about 6 or 7 at night. No traffic? Oh, I WILL find something yes I will.

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