So Spicy.

Some pictures I found while looking for credit on my new user photo (Googled “ballerina project fire”):





You’re on the grid, LB.

So if anyone finds my flaming skirt pic owner, please let me know so I’m not all Stealy Dan.

On another note I got quite a bit of an awakening. Class Thursday was taught by a sub due to my teachers hiatus and she really worked on releves. I wasn’t even properly warmed up at that point. Any matter, my calves are pretty messed up and I’ve now been cast on Walking Dead as “retarded ballerina”. Not really but the point is I blame myself. First off, the subs must expect us to be WARM warm before class starts. Secondly, I am clearly not doing enough on my own to work these screaming muscles. I’ve been searching for a class and am going to do a sit-in on one or two next week, but I’m not gonna get anywhere if I don’t take more action at home. How am I supposed to reach my goal in this wobbly state?!


*angrily inspired*

2 thoughts on “So Spicy.”

  1. My ankles and hips were killing me until 3 months ago. It just went away one day. I am assuming because I am getting stronger. Yeah ya! Hang in there spice girl!

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