Goodbye 2012

Like many of my other pals with blogs, I suppose I should dedicate my last post of 2012 to things I look forward to and things to work on in the future. Let’s start with a look back at things that occurred in the past year shall we?

December 2011: I added this month because it involved The Beast and I getting Disneyland passes for my birthday. This led to many a fun times in one of my favorite places during the following year. I grew up at Disneyland because my sister was in the parade department (she did ballet for many years, BTW!).

January 2012: According to Facebook and Instagram nothing exciting happened during the months of January and February. A little Superbowl disappointment and some chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day. Standard.

March 2012: The Hunger Games came out and consumed me throughout the year. Loved the books as well. Maybe that’s what I did in January and February? Read the books? Johny took Paige to Hawaii.

April 2012: Shireen (good friend, co-worker, kindred spirit) and I went to brunch at Knott’s Berry Farm! A great day of drinking and riding rides! Good quality time with Shireen before she left in June. šŸ˜¦

May 2012: LOL! Oh yeah. In May I tried the GM Diet. Fail of course. The Beast and I had a lovely weekend at the beach for his birthday. This month I also started making Bento Box lunches! One of the greatest finds of the year. This taught me portion control can be made so easy! Now I need to apply this to dinner as well.

June 2012: We went to Vegas for my BFF’s birthday. Lots of interesting drunk conversations… Shireen left!!! She moved up north with her boyfriend and to go to school. I’m so proud of her, but work and play isn’t the same.

July 2012: My friend who I call Little Jenny (she’s itty bitty!) works at The Aquarium of the Pacific and took us on a behind the scenes tour of the facility! It was very cool. We met animals that weren’t on display yet and she got me a discount on an adorable recycled owl purse. Thanks girl!!!

August 2012: One article changed it all. I don’t really remember where I saw it but it was a mention on Mary Helen Bowers and how she worked with Natalie Portman on “Black Swan”. It went on about the DVD’s she’s put together. I bought a couple and loved them. I believe I purchased my first set of ballet shoes as well…

September 2012: Somehow I sucked it up enough to walk into my first ballet class. The experience was so amazing, I haven’t stopped going. One class is not enough and it occupies my mind most of the time. This was an amazing find. My life is changed because of it. It’s not just staying in shape, that’s just a plus now. It’s everything about it. I can DO this and do it well. I haven’t even begun yet!

October 2012: Went to a co-workers wedding. It was nice of him to invite me and The Beast. It was lovely but just a reminder.. Oktoberfest was fun! I wasn’t too messed up and I wore my costume this year! Thanks ballet confidence! We weren’t able to do anything for Halloween this year since the kid was here, but no big. Halloween 2013 I’m sure will be a doozy.

November 2012: Our 6 year anniversary we went to King’s Canyon. It was a beautiful trip and I can’t wait to go back there.

December 2012: Christmas came all too early in the year and proceeded to annoy me as it does every year. Although The Beast wants to celebrate the season, I’ve found a way to keep the commercialism out and the celebration of the season in. Next year will have more kinks worked out.

Researching and looking back at all these months has screamed one thing to me: Do something. I didn’t do anything productive last year (besides my beloved ballet of course). I say so many things that I WANNA do like sew my own clothes, knit leg warmers for ballet, fix up my Chick Room, lose 20 pounds, have more patience (I lose my temper like Ricky Ricardo), remember more combinations… I say but don’t do. I work from 7am-3pm so I have a lot of time to myself. I could do countless things! And what do I do each day? Sit, watch tv, surf iPad. Sit, watch tv, surf iPad. Time for a change.

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