Liebster Award!


Thank you Legal Ballerina for nominating me for the Liebster Award! I’m still a little confused but still very honored. This is all so sudden!

Here are the rules:

■Add the award icon into your blog

■Link to your nominator and say thank you.

■Post 11 random things about yourself.

■Answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.

■Nominate 11 bloggers (and let them know). (I don’t know 11 bloggers and the ones I know have probably already been tagged.)

■Post 11 new questions to the bloggers you nominate.

11 random things about myself:

1. I can do tricks with a hula hoop.
2. I can sing “Heartbreaker on expert on Rockband.
3. I have a birthmark that looks like a backwards California.
4. I trained my dog to bring me things (dropped remote, lip balm, a soda).
5. I know HTML.
6. I am a gold medal roller skater.
7. I think I can tell the future with my tarot cards.
8. I wish I could live as a nomad.
9. I love spicy food in theory, but in no way can eat it.
10. When I was little I swore to my dad that we could keep a horse in between the cars in the garage.
11. I wish I was a mermaid.

LB’s questions:

1. Do you like mayonnaise? (Cause I think its disgusting).
I love it!

2. Have you ever had a recurrent dream?
I used to dream all the time that Freddy Krueger would come into my house and come up the stairs to my sisters room. She wasn’t in it but I would hide under her daybed (it was the early 90’s ok?) and would wake up when he found me. The last time I had it, I yelled down the stairs for him to WAIT for me to hide. Never had it again. I also dream of a lot of hotels, probably from living in them in my skating days.

3. Have you ever passed gas in a room thinking you were alone and then (BAM) someone walked in? If so, what did you do?
Abandoned ship.

4. Name your favorite horror movie, even though you may not like them.
I had to save this question for last because I DON’T watch them. I liked The Others. That’s all I can think of.

5. Do you currently have a favorite pillow you sleep with? How about a blanket or a stuffed animal?
I have a new memory foam/gel pillow and a real animal I sleep with. Awesome.

6. If you won a million dollars, what is the FIRST thing you would do.
Give a bunch to my mom.

7. What is the worst Christmas present you ever got?
Being born on the day of.

8. If you could be anything in the world, what would you be?
A mermaid.

9. Have you ever been in a real fight? If so – what happened?
I won. At my sisters wedding one of the bridesmaids accused me of sleeping with her brother. She attacked me and I took her down. I don’t know how, but it happened.

10. Do you like the current era you live in or would you rather live in a different one? If so, which era would it be? (Me? the 70′s. Alllll the way.)
I think I was meant to be in the 17th century.

11. What is the worst thing you ever did to a sibling? If you don’t have siblings, what is the worst thing you intentionally did to your parents? (Cause it’s the same thing.)
I never did anything to my older sister. SHE needs to get on here and answer that question, LOL.

Questions for my nominees:

1. What’s your favorite flower?

2. What’s the last thing you dressed up as for Halloween?

3. Do you eat healthy/unhealthy?

4. Where’s the furthest place you’ve traveled?

5. How much TV do you watch a day?

6. Do you have any tattoos? What?

7. How vain are you on a scale of 1-10?

8. Do you have a phobia?

9. What’s your guilty pleasure (i.e. movies, food, clothes, TV)?

10. Are you scared of dolls?

11. What do you absolutely hate?

The winner? The only other person I follow that hasn’t been tagged already: Adult Ballerina!!

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