Scarf THIS down!

Ever since I caught this article on Her Packing List, I’ve seen the light on scarves. I’m obsessed. People at work make fun of me every winter when I wear a scarf and a jacket at all times. Heck, I wear a jacket indoors 365 days a year. This mermaid likes tropical weather.
I read the article (and almost the whole website) right before our wedding trip to the Virgin Islands. So what did I pack? Five scarves. With so many ways to wear it in the sun, it was a great choice and an easy thing to pack for a week long trip! I wore it as a cover up, a top, a head covering, a hot-seat reliever, a belt and even a purse! With a long, freezing airplane ride and cold drafty airports, they were a lifesaver.
When I went camping this weekend I brought two. It was going to be kind of cold up in the mountains, but I knew that I would need to be in DIRECT sunlight or I would be a shivering grump all weekend. When we arrived at the campsite (at night) I picked a spot away from this creepy building with a slaughter house-esque red light on. It turns out not only was that just the bathroom, but the spot I avoided was 100% in the shade. Brrr! We sat in the glorious sunlight all weekend. Almost too glorious. I used my scarf as a headband to block my already freckled forehead AND as a little sunshade for Pokey! The nights got pretty cold but nothing my subzero sleeping bag a a scarf couldn’t handle. Me and Pokey sat next to the campfire in my sleeping bag while I filled the drafty opening with a scarf!
Now no matter where I go, I jam a scarf in my purse. Cold or hot, there is always a reason to carry one. You just never know. If only I had done this sooner! I have about 10… Not nearly enough. 🙂
Here are some of my favorite scarves and some fun ways to wear them:






Click for webbie!

Click for fun video!

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