Paper vs. iPad

I’ve been a paper and pen lover since my friend Kyoko in 3rd grade had all the cool Hello Kitty goodies and I had Thrifty supplies. Don’t get me wrong I had the best childhood ever. Lots of play time and lots of silly projects/inventions and outdoor activities with my dad. I think I was the son he never had. ANYWAYS, after Kyoko, there was Little House on the Prarie (the books of course) and the thought of never forgetting a memory stuck with me. After Laura Ingalls came a party. It was my friends Halloween party and she had a spooky carnival theme. Her and I had adopted baby chihuahua brothers together. That night I was taking pictures and having a great time. I left the camera inside her house, a house I had been coming to for years and years. The kind of a friends house where you just walk in. Camera gone. Baby pictures of Pokey gone. Favorite cousins wedding gone. It still hurts me to this day. Now I’m paranoid about logging things and mostly pictures. I have thousands of pointless pictures on my new camera and phone. Pokey looking left. Pokey looking right. Pokey blurry. Pokey with his eyes closed. I. Don’t. Care.
So since I rambled once again and got off topic, here is my point. I love writing on paper still. I am the first one to advocate the iPad. Everything I need is on there. So why do I still use a paper organizer and attempt to write in a leatherback paper journal? There’s just something about it isn’t there? Does anyone else use a journal? I do more websearching for journaly things that I do writing in one. One, my life is pretty boring. Two, see one.

Here is a picture of my latest… and my little man.


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