Social Media makes me sick

I am really sick of social media these days. The problem? I can’t stop using it. Has there been any scientific studies done that there is something in the brain that can become addicted to such things? I feel the NEED to have validation by posting on these sites. Let’s see, there is Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, WordPress. Facebook is really the worst. I took off a month in January, and it was nice but I still struggled. Whenever I even post on Facebook I might get a Like, maybe a comment. So what’s the point? I tried using just Twitter or Instagram. Feh. Twitter is really boring. Instagram is still great. Simple and to the point, but I don’t always have a picture to go with a quick thought.
I have recently re-started writing in a paper journal (paper?) for daily things and thoughts. I was hoping that this would curb my appetite for pointless social media.
The internet is just an outreach to people. It keeps us connected all over the world. But sometimes it’s a lonely place. Does anyone else write in a journal?

By the way, I also have a journal book addiction.
Next is a cute pink journal from Etsy at MJA Designs.


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