Fresh and Easy

I always feel healthy when I shop at Fresh and Easy. It’s SO fresh and easy! I love the self checkout and iPhone coupon scan. Their meat is so pretty and new. Surprisingly their fruit isn’t great and they don’t have much a variety but maybe that’s because it’s not the season yet.
Anyways, since I hate breakfast I tried a tiny experiment. I might have a bagel or soup for breakfast, but I decided to try making tiny little breakfast bowls. I scrambled a couple of eggs, and made some home fries in small chunks and a few strips of bacon. I don’t eat much at one time for meals, so the portions are pretty small and just right for a little bite in the morning. Add some flakes of cheese, heat it up and viola! Breakfast bowl! I hope it works out.
I’m somehow maintaining my current weight (I think it’s portions) unless my scale is playing a huge, cruel joke on me. I’m going to have to work freakin’ hard if I am going to lose weight at this point. I’m hoping to keep taking ballet on Mondays too (going tonight!) so maybe that’ll help. I hope I won’t have to be some sweaty, huffing, cross-training mess to get more weight off of me. I don’t think I have or want that in me.


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