Isabelle’s Disappointments in Humanity Numbers 1, 2 & 3.

I’ve been meaning to post “Isabelle’s Disappointments in Humanity” for a while now but plain just didn’t get around to it until now.

Number 1: No cuts no buts… but…
I was waiting in the line at the pharmacy. The pick up line consists of people who called ahead and those who came from a doctors visit. The doctors visit people have a big screen where if your name pops up, then your prescription is ready. At this point you would get in line and wait to get to the front to pick up and pay. Not for one determined/lazy man. Although very smiley and friendly at the front of the line, he was waiving people past him as cashiers became available because his name wasn’t quiiiiiite up on the board yet. Just waiving people and looking at the board. Waiving and looking. It just made me sad that someone would do this.

Number 2: Litterbug Babe
I’m the first one to admit that women can be some nasty creatures. We all have the ability to just really rip into someone with no remorse (ok, sometimes some). Hell hath no fury like a women freakin’ pissed off. ANYWAYS, I have a feeling that women aren’t prone to littering as much as men. Wouldn’t you say? This probably sounds like a really sexist thing to say right? I apologize. My point is that I was extra sad to see an attractive young woman just flat out toss a food wrapper aside into a bush as she walked to her bus station. Not only that but she was wearing what I think was a Del Taco uniform. In that moment I was thinking that someone with a job would have a little more morals than say a homeless man right? I don’t know. I’ve spit out sunflower seeds and apple cores, but trash is just something that makes me cringe when I think of just throwing anywhere. Was it really that difficult to wait the 15 steps it would have taken her until she reached the bus station trash can?

Number 3 was today: Facebook Fooeys
I took a vacation from Facebook in January and it was an interesting experiment. The reason I had taking this hiatus in the first place was what I was seeing. When I was on MySpace and making the transition to Facebook I thought it was gonna be just like when you’re hanging out with your friends. Us all together, talking, laughing, sharing pictures. The amount of that now? I’d say 10%. The rest if friends of friends of friends or friends of friends liking some boring saying, something about guns or beating animals or the worst: religious or political views. Of course everyone has their own opinions but the constant blasting on Facebook is just a bit much for me.
The things is, I can’t stop looking. I’ve written about this before. The weird obsession with checking it and then getting mad about it all over again. I got sucked into a stupid post today with an ignorant friend of a friend of a… yadda, yadda just now and realized that this why I never respond to anything but close friends personal pictures. I guess I could customize it but that would take quite a bit of editing. I can’t wait to get a PC again. It’s hard to do certain things with just an iPad.

While I’m reading back on this whole post, it kinda sounds like I think I’m better than all these people. That’s not what I mean at all. They can do what they want, obviously. I just don’t think I’m asking for too much from these anonymous losers.

Stay tuned for more of Isabelle’s Disappointments in Humanity.

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