What’s in your purse? | Buttoned Up

This is a fun post!! I love this blog.

Does your purse weigh 856 pounds like mine did/felt? It’s kind of ridiculous. I work across the street from home, I don’t have kids, I don’t commute, I rarely run any errands directly after work due to dogs doing the pee-pee dance. Why do I carry a Purse-a-saurus Rex on my shoulder?

Another hazard: When I skated I had 2-3 pairs of skates and other crap in my bag at all times. My dad eventually fashioned wheels on it, but there will still a lot of maneuvering and lifting/tossing of the bag. Now I carry a purse that weighs that much unnecessarily? I don’t wanna be a hunchback! *cries*

I took Sarah’s advice and had my own purse intervention. The thing is that it may not last long. I start to yearn for stuff and things…

So this morning I sport my tiny pink seatbelt purse with my wallet, phone, lip balm, nametag and keys with my work USB on them. I brought tweezers but just for today since I didn’t have time to tame my wolf-brows this morning. Arooooo!

What’s in your purse?

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4 thoughts on “What’s in your purse? | Buttoned Up”

  1. My purse is also full of things I actually don’t really need… But it has happened soooo many times that I was the carrier of something somebody ELSE needed! I think I like feeling like a superhero with my super-purse.

    1. I know! I WANT to be that hero. The thing is that I don’t think anyone has ever asked for anything from my purse ever. The joke IS that I DO have everything in the world in there but seriously, it must all be useless stuff. I shall minimize or die trying!

      *shakes fist at purse, then sky*

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