Work Woes

Ladies (and gentleman?). How often do you come home from work and just bawl your eyes out crying? I’m curious. It could be due to frustration, co-workers, your boss, etc. I wish I could go into detail, but I keep finding myself in the middle of stuff that doesn’t have to do with me. I’m being forced to deal with this crap when I do my best to stay out of drama, work or otherwise.
I’m not saying I’m some innocent victim. I’m always messing up and probably sticking other people with my mistakes/problems but that’s unintentional.
I just don’t know that a job that causes so many tears so frequently is worth it any more. After 7 years is it time to move on? That’s a big deal.

It’s making me so upset that I’m considering not going to ballet. The one thing that gives me joy. Beer sounds more like my thing for today.

6 thoughts on “Work Woes”

  1. Oh, this hits home. Come August, I’ll be on my job seven years. First four years, it was a great place to work. Great co-workers, decent pay, benefits and good bosses.
    Then the industry I’m in gets hit hard by the recession. The good bosses retire, new ones come in. We end up having to deal with layoffs, increased work loads because of the layoffs, unpaid furlough days, cuts in benefits and a couple of co-workers who stab others in the back to impress the new bosses.

    It would totally unload with this reply, but yeah there have been too many days where I felt like that. That’s a reason I’m back in school pursuing a second degree, so maybe I can get a lifeboat and find a better career. I work nights, so I’ve had mornings when I just wanted to stay in bed (which is the time I take ballet, which I love).

    Things have improved the last few months. Ballet (and some beer) have helped me cope. But I’m still looking to move on.

    1. LOL!. Ballet and beer. Love it.

      That’s it exactly. Reading your story gave me that same heavy gray feeling in my chest when I have a bad day. Good luck with everything. It’s nice to meet you! 😀

  2. My job leaves me in tears too. It is hard to have the fate of so many people in my meager hands. Overwhelming. Especially as of late.

    What do you do????

    1. That’s the thing. I don’t work for government or law… I work at an animal hospital. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s one of the most popular ones in the area, but the ridiculous drama and stress is totally unnecessary. That’s why I’m not sure it’s worth it. I know every job has it’s moments for sure, this isn’t my first one. But is something better than frequent breakdowns?

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