(I’m eager to start 2014 right so here are a few quick updates: 1: I stopped dancing due to the dark and scary location of my studio after the time change. I was being approached and I didn’t feel safe. 2: The Beast and I got DLand passes again, yay! 3: We’re planning to go to Hawaii in March for our one year anniversary. 4: I just did a 5 day detox and lost over 5 pounds. 5: I’m FiloFax crazy again, giving it another shot to keep our lives organized but fun! 6: I’m cooking more, say what?! 7: I’m making monthly goals, they are Hooping daily, start my garden and clean the huge pile of stuff I abandoned in our kitchen when we moved. 8: We moved, but just down the street, it’s an adorable 2B1B rental. I think that’s it…)

So I did my experimental solo trip to Disneyland. It was nice! The only downer wasn’t even the drive there, that went by fast. It’s the parking now. You park, like, a block or two or three away and have to take a shuttle that puts you (if you’re lucky) near the far right of Disneyland and then you trek the rest of the way. This blows.
Anyways, hit my Instagram feed for the tour: #isabellessolodisneylandadventure.

2 thoughts on “Tahdahhh!”

  1. Hey sounds like you’re off to a great start!!!!!!! Hawaii in March sounds perfect!!!! 🙂 I’m sorry about the nighttime studio issue – hope you find a new place or go earlier?

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