The Filofax

Here is a peek inside my Original Personal size Filofax, Violet..

She’s soo pretty…

Open to the dash, there is the fly leaf page and under (the heart) is a card that’s blank on the other side for note taking, post it sticking or stamping. Ariel of course.

Past my credit cards are all my tabs: Projects big and small, Meals so I can start planning and stay clear of boring/bad food, I Want are clearly things I just want, Goals has monthly goals to achieve that are attainable not ridiculous, Whatevs is a section that I can jot down anything.

Here’s the beginning of my weekly calendar section. I used this page with the unicorn because it’s so old that I think my mom used it in her book when I was little. I added the unicorn years later. There’s also a post it with my color coding.

Here’s my attempt at scheduling. I don’t have much to plan right now.

In the back I punched some coupons, Smash cards and papers to throw in somewhere if I needed.

I keep my pen here for now until I figure out which one I want to use. I love these pens, but they bleed quite a bit. In the pockets I keep a few post it’s and stickers.

This is my year, the year of the Horse! SeaHorse? 😀

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