Ode to a Treat Bag

Wanna hear a silly post? I’m gonna talk all about my Large Olly Dog Treat Bag (Amazon link is to Medium. They must not have Large anymore.).

Here it is brand new when I got it in April 2016, shortly after I got Klaus. I had trouble finding a big enough bag to hold the mounds of kibble he needed for training.

Here it is now. Used and abused for a year, it’s held it’s shape, shows no signs of tearing or failing of any kind.

When I got in the groove of using this thing, I totally customized it. It was attached to me all the time so why not?! It held EVERYTHING I needed when out and about going to training classes, etc. Here’s the back where I took off the strap, cut it and savagely sewed it back where it fit me perfectly. I added a just-in-case letting for a quicky loop. *shrug*

Here’s another side I’ve mangled. I carefully placed a grommet in the side mesh pocket for my poop bags.  There is also that back/side pocket that has a little key clip I use for my house key during neighborhood walks. It’s a huge pocket so I put my car keys, lip balm (SuperGoop is my FAAAAAAAVE!!!), and wallet in there.

Here’s the other pocket. BARELY big enough to fit my iPhone Bazillion. But it’s super secure so if I run, frolic or face-plant into a bush, I won’t lose my second precious item (to me it’s first but I guess car/house keys are really first). Just the case pictured. I don’t have an invisible phone.

Just today, I took out the rough side of the Velcro for the front pocket since I only keep my Mini Educator remote in there now. It’s easy to reach and won’t fall out –I like to frolic, remember– as I attached one of those office name tag clips to it.

It closes with a tiny but mighty magnet up top. Since I’ve been weaning Klaus off treats and promoting obedience for respect (took me too long) there is room in the main section for my waterproof sit pad, ball and/or anything else I’d want to take or tote. 

So that’s it! Ol’ squiggly, green bag has been with me this far and it still serves my purpose today! I hate carrying things and love being hands-free, so even if fanny packs make their triumphant comeback, my Olly Dog treat bag will be a part of our daily ensemble. 


P.S. Olly Dog so DID NOT pay me for this opinion. It was a lazy Sunday that got me thinking there may be others happily obsessed with things like this. Have a great day guys!

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